Name of shareholder Name of shareholder Shareholding percentage (%) Total number of shares held Type of shares Change during the reporting period (+,-) Number of selling-restricted shares held Number of pledged or frozen shares
Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Nominees Limited Overseas legal person 32.10 5,867,578,046 H Share +3,027,994,525 unknown
Shenzhen Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. State 5.27 962,719,102 A Share +481,359,551 380,060,000 pledged shares
All Gain Trading Limited Overseas legal person 4.32 789,001,992 H Share +394,500,996 789,001,992 pledged shares
Huaxia Life Insurance Co., Ltd.– Universal Insurance Products Others 3.40 621,586,439 A Share +621,586,439 -
Bloom Fortune Group Limited Overseas legal person 2.77 505,772,634 H Share +252,886,317 505,772,634 pledged shares
Central Huijin Asset Management Ltd. State 2.65 483,801,600 A Share +483,801,600 -
China Securities Finance Corporation Limited State-owned legal person 2.07 377,662,665 A Share +371,424,483 -
Business Fortune Holdings Limited Overseas legal person 1.43 261,581,728 H Share +36,652,723 111,969,286 pledged shares
Shum Yip Group Limited State-owned legal person 1.41 257,728,008 A Share +128,864,004
Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited Overseas legal person 1.03 188,979,751 A Share +43,191,199 -

As of 31st December 2015, Shareholdings of top ten shareholders as at the end of the reporting period

Explanation of the connected relationship or acting-in-concert relationship of the above shareholders:

All Gain Trading Limited, Bloom Fortune Group Limited and Business Fortune Holdings Limited are the indirect wholly-owned subsidiaries of CP Group Ltd., and they are of acting in concert relationship since they are under common control.

Save as the above, the Company is not aware of any connected relationship or acting-in-concert relationship among the above-mentioned shareholders.

Particulars of controlling shareholder and de facto controller

The shareholding structure of the Company is relatively scattered. There is no controlling shareholder, nor de facto controller.