Se of 9 July 2015

ItemDividend PeriodH Shares Ex-dividend DateDividend Policy (inclusive of applicable tax)Total Amount of Cash Dividend
202015 Interim 2015-9-9Cash Dividend RMB 0.18(equivalent HKD 0.2182)RMB 3.290 bn
192014 annual2015-7-27conversion of capital reserve on basis of 1 Bonus Shares for every 1 existing Shares; Cash Dividend RMB 0.50(equivalent HKD 0.6336)RMB 4.570 bn
182014 Interim 2014-9-10Cash Dividend RMB 0.25(equivalent HKD 0.3149)RMB 1.979 bn
172013 annual2014-6-25Cash Dividend RMB 0.45(equivalent HKD 0.5667)RMB 3.562 bn
162013 Interim 2013-9-11Cash Dividend RMB 0.20(equivalent HKD 0.2514)RMB 1.583 bn
152012 annual2013-5-14Cash Dividend RMB 0.30(equivalent HKD 0.3752)RMB 2.375 bn
142012 Interim 2012-9-21Cash Dividend RMB 0.15(equivalent HKD 0.1834)RMB 1.187 bn
132011 annual2012-7-4Cash Dividend RMB 0.25(equivalent HKD 0.3074)RMB 1.979 bn
122011 Interim 2011-8-31Cash Dividend RMB 0.15(equivalent HKD 0.1828)RMB 1.187 bn
112010 annual2011-5-13Cash Dividend RMB 0.40(equivalent HKD 0.4802)RMB 3.058 bn
102010 interim 2010-9-7Cash Dividend RMB 0.15(equivalent HKD 0.1311)RMB 1.147 bn
92009 annual2010-5-26Cash Dividend RMB 0.30(equivalent HKD 0.3432)RMB 2.293 bn
82009 interim 2009-8-28Cash Dividend RMB 0.15(equivalent HKD 0.1701)RMB 1.102 bn
72008 interim 2008-9-18Cash Dividend RMB 0.20(equivalent HKD 0.2276)RMB 1.469 bn
62007 annual2008-4-10Cash Dividend RMB 0.50(equivalent HKD 0.5575)RMB 3.672 bn
52007 interim 2007-8-28Cash Dividend RMB 0.20(equivalent HKD 0.2065)RMB 1.469 bn
42006 annual2007-5-4Cash Dividend RMB 0.22(equivalent HKD 0.2247)RMB 1.616 bn
32006 interim 2006-8-28Cash Dividend RMB 0.12(equivalent HKD 0.1170)RMB 0.743 bn
22006 special interim 2006-4-21Cash Dividend RMB 0.20(equivalent HKD 0.1934)RMB 1.239 bn
12004 annual2005-5-20Cash Dividend RMB 0.14(equivalent HKD 0.1315)RMB 0.867 bn

1."Value" is inclusive of applicable tax.